Patrick Feeney

Professional Singer

Welcome to the enchanting world of Patrick Feenay, where soulful melodies meet unparalleled artistry. As a professional singer with a passion for creating unforgettable musical experiences, Patrick has charmed audiences around the globe.



Patrick Feeney was born to sing and from the tender age of four, he wanted to be on stage with his father who played in a local band. His phenomenal success, especially over the past few years, is summed up in three words from the title of Patrick’s first album, back in 2003 – that title says it’s all… Thanks to You.
It’s 18 years since the then-teenager released that debut album, and while he has recorded countless songs since, he still lives by the motto that it’s thanks to you, the fans, that he is such a success today.

Melodies tell tales, inviting you into a world where emotions dance freely.

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Music Videos

Official Music Video

- Red Haired Mary

Official Music Video

- Drawing Little Men

Fun in the Sun

Join Patrick for seven nights accommodation in the beautiful 4* Dom Pedro Hotel in Vilamoura, Portugal.
Joining Patrick will be Johnny Brady, Cliona Hagan, TR Dallas, Gary Gamble, Jim Devine, Ciaran Rosney, Limelite, Claudia Buckley, Olivia Douglas, Trevor Moyles, Conor O’Donnell, David James, Slim Attraction, Andy Ferry, Comedian Frank Forde, Dance Instructor Gerard Butler plus many more. Price is €1,090 + €99 tax per person sharing single supplement applies

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