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Patrick's Music

Below you can find details about Patrick's recordings, some of which are available to buy on iTunes.

I Believe

  1. Can't Judge A Book
  2. A Place In The Choir
  3. Emigrant Eyes
  4. Red Haried Mary
  5. I Believe
  6. Someone To Love Me
  7. Catfish John
  8. When We Were Young
  9. Streets Of Promise
  10. I'm Your Biggest Fan
  11. Ten Out Of Ten
  12. To Where You Are

Good thing going down

Good Thing Going Down - Patrick Feeney
  1. Good Thing Going Down Going Up The Mountain
  2. Same Ol' Love
  3. All Passing Through
  4. Firelight
  5. Simple Life
  6. Bonaparte Retreat
  7. Walk Through This World With Me
  8. I Quit
  9. Eleven Roses
  10. Broken Hearted Road
  11. Day's Gonna Come
  12. Behind Closed Doors
  13. Love At First Sight
  14. She's In Love With A Rodeo Man
  15. A Little Left Over
  16. Hey There Delilah
Patrick Feeney - Livin Life Lovin You CD

Livin' Life, Lovin' You

Livin' Life Loving You - Patrick Feeney
  1. The Girl From County Clare
  2. Love Songs
  3. Don't Forget Me Paris
  4. The Irish Scattering
  5. Tomorrow Never Comes
  6. Livin' Life Loving You
  7. Wait Till The Clouds Roll By Jenny
  8. Old Dan Tucker
  9. Always On My Mind
  10. Ireland
  11. Cottage On The Borderline
  12. I'm Gonna Look Till I Find You
Patrick Feeney - This Is Me CD

This Is Me

This Is Me - Patrick Feeney
  1. To Be A Child Again
  2. The Irish Girl
  3. Love Is A Beautiful Song
  4. Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears
  5. Our Lady Of Knock
  6. Noreen Bawn
  7. Isle Of Inishfree
  8. Caledonia
  9. Danny Boy
  10. St. Theresa Of The Roses
  11. Carrickfergus
  12. Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?
  13. Cavan Girl
  14. All The Ways You Wander
Patrick Feeney - Gentle On My Mind CD

Gentle On My Mind

Gentle On My Mind - Patrick Feeney
  1. Wonderful World Of Women
  2. Waltz With Me Tonight
  3. Gentle On My Mind
  4. The Streets Of Heaven
  5. Barley Hill
  6. Take Your Memory With You When You Go
  7. Sing Me Lovely Leitrim
  8. It's Only Make Believe
  9. Irish Country Home
  10. My Own Sligo Home
  11. Liza Jane
  12. Bury Me Beneath The Willow
  13. Bonus Track: There's A Moon Over Ireland
Patrick Feeney - Take Care Of You From Me CD

Take Care Of You For Me

  1. Take Care Of You For Me
  2. Airline Bird
  3. There's A Moon Over Ireland
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Green Fields Around Athenry
  6. A Legend In My Time
  7. After You Leave Me
  8. The Old Bog Road
  9. Love Has A Mind Of Its Own
  10. Take Me To The River
  11. Connemara Country Boy
  12. Too Much On My Heart
Patrick Feeney - Young Country CD

Young Country

  1. Everything A Man Could Ever Need
  2. Golden Years
  3. She Always Talked About Mexico
  4. The Flame Just Flickered And Died
  5. Billy Billy Bio
  6. Let Me Be The One
  7. Lovely Lisdoonvarna
  8. Mockingbird Hill
  9. When A Heart Will Fall
  10. Now And Then
  11. A Road That Never Ends
  12. Glens Of Home
  13. Let The World Keep On Turning
  14. I'll Fly Away
Patrick Feeney - Thanks To You CD

Thanks To You

Thanks to You - Patrick Feeney
  1. Thanks To You
  2. Sweet Memories
  3. Cook Me Up Some Love
  4. Easy Part's Over Now
  5. My Old Home Town Gurteen
  6. This Moment Is Mine
  7. Out Of My Mind Over You
  8. The Road To Malinmore
  9. She's Sweet, She's Kind And She's Mine
  10. Help Stamp Out Loneliness
  11. Where Is All The Love gone?
  12. Dreaming Of You
  13. Home I'll Be
Patrick Feeney - If This Aint Love CD

If This Ain't Love

  1. If This Ain't Love
  2. Back To Old Ireland
  3. Knock At My Window
  4. Teddy Bear
  5. Love Thee Dearest
  6. Cottage By The Sea
  7. Culfadda
  8. Lord I Need Somebody Bad
  9. Island To An Island
  10. Beautiful You
  11. Just Out Of Reach
  12. My Dear Old Mother
  13. Lay Down Beside Me
  14. In Our Father's Time